About me.

My name is Magdalena Kubala and I welcome you to the world of my photography.

Creating photos is an adventure for me, which gives color to
my life...I photograph with my heart....
I like photos full of life...photos whose image delights with the softness of pastel colors...attracts with warm, bright light....
breathes a breath of youth and vitality.
I want the image of each person in my photos to truly reflect the joy of the moment they are experiencing. I want the recipient looking
at the photograph has the impression of hearing laughter, observing movement, experiencing a glance and being in real contact with the photographed character.
I try to make my photos live in the hearts of the people viewing them
and tell their story.
I invite you to listen to it...watch....
and maybe want to create your own.


I live in Bialystok. I photograph all over Poland and abroad.